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Middle of the Beginning

I should have started this blog a while ago, but oh well.

So, Joya and I got a rejection from an agent, but they gave us a second chance which we are so grateful for because now we can make our manuscript even better. She said to resubmit it after some serious editing and that's what we're doing.

For the past 4 nights we've been staying up from 11 am - 8 am editing. We figure that it's going to take us 2 weeks. A week for major editing, then we have a friend reading it over for us, then to do the final touches. We hope that we can resubmit before the beginning of June because that's when Joya's summer class starts so she would have less time to work on it.

We took 6 hours to go over what we could add to our ms. or edit. We came up with a page long of things to add. I would say that we're about 80% finished. The edits that we have left require more of our attention since they're more about paying attention to detail. Although we still have to add a chapter.

The other night we decided to go nuts and figure out what's going to happen to our characters. So far we know the fates of Lina and Kaden. We sort of have fates for Shane and Nat.

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