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Oh, I could just squish Shannon to pieces! She got back to us yesterday about our manuscript and some changes we could make. (She was the friend reading it over for us, by the way.)  It was mostly word and flow changes that she suggested.
Joya and I are going to start on the revisions tonight. This'll be our fourth (?) time making changes to our ms.. This is the first novel both of us have written so it's a learning process. Several steps of revisions are expected.

Also, I had to go in to the Registry of Motor Vehicles today to get my licence renewed. It would have expired tomorrow. Oops! I don't like getting my picture taken for an ID because it doesn't seem to ever turn out okay. Even more so with driver licences because it lasts for five years and you have to pull it out each time someone has to see it. Five years is a long time!

And for the life of me there was something else I was going to mention, but I can't remember what.

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