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This weekend and last, Joya and I did more revising to our manuscript. :D Now we're really proud of it. We were proud of it before, but these revisions just put it over the top!

Additionally, we started figuring out the plots for book 2 and 3. It might be presumptuous of us to assume that Blood Moon will even get published, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Plus, we were on a roll so ideas just kept coming. It was hard to keep up!

We even came up with a title for book 3 (we already have a title for book 2). It's a tentative title for now until we possibly come up with something better, but it's growing on us so it might end up being the final title.

I have The Smashing Pumpkins song The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning on repeat. It's the song played in the Watchmen trailer, which I am really excited for. I haven't read the graphic novel yet so I'll have to change that. ;)
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the doctor


Oh, I could just squish Shannon to pieces! She got back to us yesterday about our manuscript and some changes we could make. (She was the friend reading it over for us, by the way.)  It was mostly word and flow changes that she suggested.
Joya and I are going to start on the revisions tonight. This'll be our fourth (?) time making changes to our ms.. This is the first novel both of us have written so it's a learning process. Several steps of revisions are expected.

Also, I had to go in to the Registry of Motor Vehicles today to get my licence renewed. It would have expired tomorrow. Oops! I don't like getting my picture taken for an ID because it doesn't seem to ever turn out okay. Even more so with driver licences because it lasts for five years and you have to pull it out each time someone has to see it. Five years is a long time!

And for the life of me there was something else I was going to mention, but I can't remember what.
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We were born for this

Today, Joya and I managed to change 7 chapter titles to ones we felt fit better and/or were more to our liking. Turns out that sitting down and thinking about titles doesn't produce as many results as typing out the first words that comes to mind. If we had known that earlier we could have saved a lot of time! Well, I could have. Joya spent most of her time telling me "no" since I threw out three titles a minute while she thought about hers.
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Pardon me while I burst into flames. Oh no!

My poor little journal. :( It's been neglected. I haven't updated in almost half a month because there's nothing to really update about!

Like Joya mentioned in her journal, Shannon's still reading the manuscript so we're just waiting for her to finish. Go Shannon Go! :D

Recently I've been just plowing through novels way faster than normal for me. I used to get through four a month last year but I slowed down a great deal and now read one a month. Although so far this month I've finished 3. Yay me! This morning I finished Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. It's easy to get through the Maximum Ride novels in no time flat since the chapters are at most 2 pages so you just keep reading. Before that I read A Certain Slant of Light. It's a different type of novel and writing, but I can appreciate that. I really enjoyed it and am tempted to read it again, but I have so many more books that need my loving attention.
I'm digging into Peony In Love next. Lisa See writing is absolutely beautiful.
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Wake Up

Joya and I finished reading the manuscript the other day. It's so exciting! To see all of our edits put together? We think it's so much better now. We thought that of the last version, but this version is tons better.

Now we're in the process of changing some of the chapter titles. We don't know if we'll find any we like, but we're gonna look for some anyway. Never know!

I'm excited to see what Shannon thinks. She's our mutual friend who is reading it over for us. :)
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Take it easy

Joya and I are nearly finished with our edits to the ms. and we're really excited. We've been staying up and editing from 11pm-6am for the last week and half. After this we're going to read through it again then send it to a friend to read as well.

We watch movies together, usually two a week. So the movies we want to watch have been piling up since we've started the edits on our ms. with our undivided attention. The movies will be a nice reward for us for finishing the edits.
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Middle of the Beginning

I should have started this blog a while ago, but oh well.

So, Joya and I got a rejection from an agent, but they gave us a second chance which we are so grateful for because now we can make our manuscript even better. She said to resubmit it after some serious editing and that's what we're doing.

For the past 4 nights we've been staying up from 11 am - 8 am editing. We figure that it's going to take us 2 weeks. A week for major editing, then we have a friend reading it over for us, then to do the final touches. We hope that we can resubmit before the beginning of June because that's when Joya's summer class starts so she would have less time to work on it.

We took 6 hours to go over what we could add to our ms. or edit. We came up with a page long of things to add. I would say that we're about 80% finished. The edits that we have left require more of our attention since they're more about paying attention to detail. Although we still have to add a chapter.

The other night we decided to go nuts and figure out what's going to happen to our characters. So far we know the fates of Lina and Kaden. We sort of have fates for Shane and Nat.
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